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Book signing at the Maritime Museum of the AtlanticGlimpses of the past have always sparked my imagination. An old, faded letter, a sepia-toned photograph, an apple tree blooming bravely in the remnant of a long-forgotten orchard, each of these has a story to tell.

It’s the stories of ordinary people that appeal to me the most. I write what I like to call ‘literary romance’…love stories with more to offer than the growth of a single relationship. Stories where family and community play strong roles, where love blossoms in season and is all the sweeter for the hardships and obstacles that have to be overcome. In the Old West, in Victorian England, in the early years of the twentieth century, love was and is unchanging. Timeless. It’s that common thread of hearts through history that inspires me.

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“It’s hard to describe Jennie Marsland’s writing – it bridges the realm between historical romance and historical fiction – but however you want to classify it, I love it.”

“Jennie has a wonderful way with description that transports you back to 1917 Halifax – smack in the middle of WWI and just before the Halifax Explosion. Liam and Alice are fabulous characters.”


“I’m so glad I had the opportunity to read this wonderful book. This author brings to life the effects of war on both men and women.”

“A very well written and emotional book. The author really knows how to write a story and to pull you in emotionally with the characters.”


“Another good one by Ms. Marsland. I hate to see the series end.”

“A thoughtful, engaging piece of entertainment, whether or not ones genre of choice is historical romance.”