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A Visit with Fantasy Author Aubrie Dionne

I’m pleased to welcome a fellow author from Mystic Moon Press to my blog this morning! As well as an author, Aubrie is an accomplished flutist, performing, teaching and adjudicating in the New England region. She spins fantasy tales guaranteed to capture your imagination. I’m featuring two of her set of four short stories based on the seasons, available from Mystic Moon Press. The third, Summer Sprite, has just been released.

Aubrie, good morning! tell us about your published books.

Well, I write fantasy with a flavor of science fiction and a good dose of romance! All of my stories are sweet with PG or PG 13 ratings, so they can be read by young adults and adults alike. Right now I have two young adult fantasy books out with Mystic Moon Press and SynergEbooks: The Voices of Ire and Dreams of Beauty. The Voices of Ire is an epic fantasy whereas Dreams of Beauty is more of a spin on fairytales. I’ve just finished a fantasy/romance series called the Seasons of Fantasy Series, and have started another dark fantasy/romance series called Carnival of Illusions.

What attracts you to writing fantasy?

I absolutely love fantasy! I grew up watching The Gummie Bears, My Little Pony, Star Wars, Fraggle Rock, and The Last Unicorn. I think the 80’s were a heavy fantasy time and my childhood has greatly influenced my writing. In fact, my favorite book was Snow White, and I had my mom read it to me every night growing up, singing every song as she went along.

What are you working on now?

I am currently writing a dark fantasy series called the Carnival of Illusions series. The first story is set to come in August at Mystic Moon Press. The series features a different female character in the Masquerade Carnival in each story and the journey that they travel to appreciate their unique talents and discover love. Each story is, in itself, an illusion, portraying a situation which is really something else entirely. A twist at the end turns each tale on its head, revealing the illusion and giving everything in it a new meaning.

How do you come up with your characters and settings?

This may sound a little strange, but I am a visual person and I look at fantasy art online and usually get ideas from that. I also work over an hour away, and sometimes they just pop in my head as I drive. I love strong female characters, so I usually start from there. I think about what I would like to read about myself, and try to put in as many of those ideas as possible.

You can learn more about Aubrie and her work by checking out her website, I’m posting reviews of her work on my “Lately Read” page.