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Alberta Bound

This is one of many photos I took in July 2018, when my partner and I visited Alberta. I visited Saskatchewan when I was in high school and fell in love with the prairies, but this was my first experience of the Rockies.

I have strong Maritime roots and I can’t imagine living far from the ocean, but the mountains took my breath away. The prairies have a subtler magic of wide skies and open views. We hope to make another trip west next summer, travel restrictions permitting. It’s impossible to understand how vast Canada really is until you’ve flown across it.

My fictional town of Larkspur is in the foothills, with a combination of rolling grassland and woods. The town itself isn’t very appealing, but the setting is.

My heroine, Enid, comes from Winnipeg, Manitoba, but she’s learned to love the rougher Alberta landscape. As for Galen, he’s spent his life kicking around from one isolated outpost to another. One of the hurdles they have to overcome is the difference in their backgrounds. He’s uneducated, but more intelligent than he realizes. She’s an educated lady, but not as bound by convention as she once thought she was.

Opposites attract, they say. We’ll see how Enid and Galen bridge the gap between them, with the help of their young sons.