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The city of Halifax, Nova Scotia was the major North American shipping point for troops and supplies to the battlefields of Europe during the Great War. This series follows the lives and loves of two Irish-Canadian families, the Cochranes and the O’Neills, in the turbulent years when Canada found its place on the world stage and Halifax was transformed by tragedy and victory.


Spring 1921

Determined to live on her own terms, commitment isn’t on Georgie O’Neill’s agenda, but a night out with her best JennieMarsland_Flight_200px (2)girlfriends and a couple of attractive men just in town for the weekend is right up her alley – until it snowballs into much more.

For ex-RAF pilot Cameron Hatcher, single and free is the only way to be. Rather than go home to Ireland to be embroiled in a second brutal war, Cam chooses to barnstorm North America, giving audiences across the continent a taste of flight. Georgie is just a pleasant evening’s distraction before he and his partner move on.

But when mechanical problems ground the show, Georgie becomes more than a distraction. Between his growing feelings for her and the strong pull of loyalty to country and family, Cam is hard put to steer a true course. Go home and fight for Ireland’s independence? Or stay to pursue a woman who’s told him her dreams come before any man?

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Autumn 1917:

Carl O’Neill is on the run from the Army and himself. Returned from Europe on recuperative leave, he’d rather die than go back to the trenches. He assumes a dead man’s name and leaves his home and family behind him, only to be dumped off the train in the small prairie town of Mackenzie, Saskatchewan. Seriously ill and stranded, Carl has no choice but to confront the demons that drive him – and his growing feelings for the former Red Cross nurse who saves his life.

Naomi Franklin is no stranger to secrets and personal demons. Struggling with the trauma of rape and her experiences in a front-line field hospital, Naomi can’t bear to close the eyes of another young man whose life has ended far too soon. She’ll nurse the stranger who lands on her father’s doorstep and then send him on his way. But looking into Carl’s blue eyes makes her feel like a woman again, while the all-too-familiar shadows behind them touch her heart. When both their lives come crashing down around them, can Carl and Naomi overcome secrets and lies to find each other again?

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Liam Cochrane no longer belongs. He lost his youth and his brother at the Battle of the Somme. Now he’s home in Halifax, Nova Scotia, dulling his pain with liquor and the occasional willing woman. The only thing Liam can call his own is time.

Alice O’Neill has never belonged. Able to read music, but not words, she dreams of escaping her drab life as the family housekeeper to teach piano. She also dreams of Liam, who’s held her heart for years and never known.

In that fall of 1917, Halifax is on a collision course with fate. On December sixth, the most powerful man-made, non-atomic explosion in history will occur in Halifax Harbour. What will be left for Liam and Alice when their world is shattered?

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Do you love stories that take you back to an earlier time? When people lived close to the land, and just as close to their passions? So do I. Meet the McShannons of Morgan County, Georgia, as they win homes and find love in the old world and the new, against the background of the American Civil War. 

These stories are not currently available, but I’m planning on self publishing them in the not too distant future.

With a passionate blend of Cajun, Scotch and Irish blood, the McShannons are as restless as the Thoroughbred horses they raise and love. Wherever they settle, whatever they’ve lost, they leave their mark on the land and the people around them.

Where The Heart Is

When Rochelle McShannon moves with her father from Morgan County, Georgia, to the Yorkshire Dales, she thinks she’s leaving everything that matters behind her. Her mother has passed away, her twin brother is going west to avoid the looming Civil War, and her family’s unpopular views on slavery and secession have destroyed her relationship with the man she hoped to marry. If returning to his childhood home eases her father’s grief, Chelle asks for nothing more.

Martin Rainnie understands grief. Since the loss of his wife in childbirth, he’s known little else, except anger. He’s retreated to his farm and turned his back on the world, including his baby daughter, who’s being fostered by Chelle’s relatives. With little Leah drawing them together, Martin begins to wonder if he can love again – and convince Chelle to do the same.

But the war overseas has far-reaching consequences, even in a small English village. Can Martin and Chelle overcome danger, loss and bitterness to make a home where the heart is?

To Capture The Sky

Trey McShannon survived the carnage of the Civil War, only to discover that the deepest wounds are those to the heart. A traitor to his home state of Georgia, Trey has built a new life for himself in the untamed Colorado Territory. Now it’s time to find a wife to share the future he’s worked so hard for – but can he free himself from his past?
Beth Underhill is looking for choices. Needing to marry to escape being sent back East, she prefers Trey’s honest business proposal to false promises of love. Can a union between a man who isn’t sure he can still feel love, and a woman who doesn’t believe it exists, blossom into more than a marriage of convenience?