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Colorado Dreaming

I had an amazing, vivid dream last night. It went on for what felt like hours, and at one point I woke, fell asleep again and tumbled right back into the dream.

It all took place in Wallace Flats, with my characters from McShannon’s Chance. There was the town, laid out like a set from Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. There was Neil Garrett’s saloon, the Bakers’ mercantile, and a lovely lake I wish I’d thought to put in the book.

In keeping with the Dr. Quinn theme, Beth looked a bit like an auburn-haired Jane Seymour. As for Trey, he surprised me. He had straight, coal-black, shoulder-length hair (I’ve always pictured him with shorter hair), a close-trimmed moustache, and a face something like Jude Law’s in Cold Mountain, almost fierce-looking. Of course he had deep, molasses-coloured eyes. Sigh. And his beautiful bay stallion, Flying Cloud. Another sigh. The only other characters to appear were a blond teenage boy – a version of Ben Reeves – and a young girl of eight or nine, Samantha (Sam). I have no idea where she came from. Perhaps she sprang from my mental image of Beth and Trey’s daughter Chelle. Sadly, no Nathan. I missed him and Lorie.

The only action I remember clearly was a horse race around the lake, which Trey and Cloud won in a thrilling finish. Everything else is hazy, but I woke feeling like I’d spent a wonderful few days with my characters in an idyllic setting, free (After all, I was dreaming!) of the harsher realities of the time. I wouldn’t mind going back every night.

Is the universe speaking to me? I hope so. I’m at a bit of a personal and writing low point right now, and I sure could use some inspiration. People of blogland, do you have any dreams to share?


  1. Theanne...
    February 7, 2011 at 8:06 pm

    My favorite dreams are when I dream of Don…he's always ambulatory…not bedridden like he was for years before he passed. I enjoy my dreams (most of the time) and I think it's great to have one that you can wake up from and when you go back to sleep it takes up where it left off!

  2. Michelle Helliwell
    February 13, 2011 at 1:30 am

    It just so happens I watched a great documentary on dreaming last night – we have two kinds of dreams. One kind – the kind we have in REM sleep – is of the sort in which we work out problems or try and make sense of the day. The other-the kind we have in deep sleep-is confronting fears, dealing with our insecurities, etc. May be this is a confluence of both?