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Great War Glossary: A is for Archie

avroA hundred years later, we’re all aware of the sweeping social, scientific and technological changes brought about by the Great War, but it’s easy to forget that the war changed our language as well. “In a funk” and “over the top” are just a couple of examples of wartime phrases that have found their way into our everyday vocabulary, while others have been forgotten.

This being the centenary of the war’s beginning, and with Remembrance Day close upon us, I thought I’d take a look at some of the language that originated in the trenches by posting a Great War Glossary. Let’s start with A.

A is for ARCHIE: Archie was a term used for an anti-aircraft gun. As aircraft transitioned from reconnaissance tools to actual weapons of war, ground defense had to adapt swiftly. The race for supremacy in the air proceeded with dizzying speed.