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How Hot Do You Like It?

I’ve been browsing through some romance forums lately and I’m seeing a lot of discussion about sex scenes in romance novels. If you read romance at all, it’s no secret that the trend is the hotter, the better.

When I started Chance, I didn’t know it was going to be a romance. The truth is I got turned off reading romance novels in the eighties, because I found them too predictable and the heroes arrogant and annoying. In my humble opinion, romance novels now are better written and less superficial.

For me, if a story doesn’t offer anything but sex scenes, as well-written as they might be, I feel cheated. There has to be real character development and I have to like the hero as a person, flawed as he might – and should – be. If the characters engage me I don’t need hot love scenes to hold my attention. But that’s just me. What do you think as a reader? How important are hot sex scenes in a romance to you? Are they the most important element? Not important? Somewhere in between? Depends on how it’s written? Let’s throw this open for discussion.