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Lunch with Jo Beverley

Members of our local RWA chapter had a wonderful opportunity yesterday. One of our members hosted multiple RITA winner Jo Beverly on her way through Nova Scotia, and we had the chance to meet Jo for lunch. We spent the afternoon at Heidi’s lovely home overlooking the LaHave River, talking about writing and the writing life with Jo, who is a very approachable, gracious person as well as a brilliant writer. In a completely natural way, she made a point of asking each of us about our writing and our goals. She happens to be from Yorkshire, so I told her about McShannon’s Heart. Thank you, Heidi, for being the perfect hostess and thank you Jo, for being so generous in giving us the benefit of your experience.

One of the topics that came up over lunch was the importance of happily ever afters. We talked about how disappointing it is to be reading a book or watching a movie where you’re hoping for a happy ending and don’t get it, or perhaps you aren’t expecting it but the tragic ending seems pointless.Titanic and Cold Mountain came up as examples. We agreed that a true romance requires that the hero and heroine have a fulfilling, if not trouble free, future together and that tragic love stories are not romances. Personally I’m an unashamed lover of happy endings, and always will be.

Between the food, the setting and the company, It was an afternoon I won’t soon forget.