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McShannon’s Chance is available in print! CONTEST TIME!

As of today, McShannon’s Chance is available in print from Amazon. The print version isn’t up on the Bluewood site yet, but I’ll soon be able to order copies wholesale. I can’t wait to hold a copy in my hands. I don’t think it’ll really sink in till then.

Of course, this requires a contest! How about a treasure hunt?

To enter, find the answers to the following questions here on this site:

1. What is the first name of the woman clerk in the Wallace Flats store?

2. What color are Beth Underhill’s eyes?

3. What is the name of Trey McShannon’s twin sister?

4. What is the name of the McShannon twins’ mother?

5. What was the date of the Halifax Explosion?

6. Who is the heroine of Shattered?

7. Where in Georgia are the McShannons from?

8. Where in England is Colin McShannon’s old home?

9. What are the first five words in the lyrics of ‘She Moved Thro’ The Fair’?

10. Name one of the two ships that collided in Halifax Harbour, causing the Explosion.

Submit your answers to me on the Contact Me page of this site, and your name will go in the hat for a print copy of Chance, to be drawn on January 31, 2009. Good luck and happy hunting!