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Musings On a Snow Day

Today is the first snow day I’ve had this winter. About thirty centimetres of the white stuff fell overnight, leaving our back yard looking like this. Beautiful! I much prefer snow to the endless November that sometimes passes as winter here in Nova Scotia.

I’m grateful for the chance to catch my breath. The new job has been demanding, and I’ve been plugging away at editing Heart, as well as promoting Chance – which brings me to last Saturday’s book signing at The Annex. It was a wonderful day, and a privilege to be included among so many prolific and talented authors. Thats me in the center, with the red sweater and short dark hair. The others, from my right to left, are Heather Veinotte, author of an intriguing children’s book, Mystery on Skull Island; Donna Alward, with her recent Harlequin release, One Dance With the Cowboy; Judith James, author of historicals including Broken Wing and Highland Rebel; Genvieve Lehr, local poet, author of The Sorrowing House; Pamela Callow, whose gripping debut thriller, Damaged, will be released in May; and finally Julianne MacLean, author of many Regencies, including When A Stranger Loves Me.

The Annex was full, and it was such a treat to hear everyone read and discuss their writing. I took a lot of energy away from the event, which I’m counting on to help me get through edits on Heart.

I’ve had a couple of nice responses from readers lately, and I can’t say how much they mean. Writing is a solitary business, and it’s easy to fall prey to self-doubt and procrastination, especially in the beginning. Those encouraging voices from the outside world make all the difference.

Speaking of procrastination…I’d better get back to editing!