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Paper towel and inspiration

My first entry…well, I’ll start with the book.

A year and a half ago, on a school camping trip, I found myself alone at the campsite.  Out of the blue, a character stepped from the September afternoon into my imagination. It sounds strange, but it really felt that way. I guess all the Westerns I read growing up had been perking for years in my subconscious, because Trey McShannon came to life fully formed in that moment. I knew what he looked like, where he was from, and what drove him.

The only thing I coulld find to write on was paper towel, so I grabbed a couple of sheets and  a pencil and started scribbling.  I still have that paper towel tucked away.

A favorite song lyric of mine, by Mary Chapin Carpenter, says ‘”It’s gotta come from the heart if you want it to work”.  McShannon’s Chance came from my heart. I hope it works. Next up is the story of Trey’s sister Rochelle, who travels to Yorkshire, England with her father at the outbreak of the Civil War. That one, if the muse is kind, will be coming up in the fall of 2009.