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Photo Gallery


I took the Explosion photos in this album at the Explosion Memorial in Needham Park, on a hill overlooking the site of the Explosion. Every year on Dec. 6, the anniversary of the disaster, survivors still gather here for a memorial service.


A Couple of My Paintings

I haven’t done watercolours for a few years now, but here are two of my favourites.


Here and There

A few pictures of my favorite places.


My Garden

We are very lazy gardeners, but what survives, thrives.


Cape Chignecto

Some photos we took on a weekend trip to Cape Chignecto on the Bay of Fundy. There’s a provincial park there with hiking trails along the shore. Pictures can’t do justice to the views along the way.


My Furry Family

Pictures of our Tollers. Our sweet boy Chance passed away in 2014 after twelve beautiful years. His gal pal Echo missed him as much as we did, so we brought Ceilidh into our lives. AKA the Spice Girls, the two of them make sure life never gets boring.