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Print Release Drawing Near!

I got the proof copy of the print version for Chance on the weekend, corrected it and sent it back. In a few weeks I’ll be able to hold a copy in my hands! I expect to go completely to pieces. There’s no firm release date as the timing is really out of Bluewood’s control, but you’ll be able to hear me shout from coast to coast when it’s available.

On Friday, I attended a book signing at the Annex, a wonderfully unique boookstore not far from Halifax. The store is on the top floor of a house and has the feel of a large, airy attic, full of treasures. The owner, Carolyn Laurie, is a member of our local RWA chapter, and two of the authors signing their work, Donna Alward and Judith James, are members as well. There was music and some Scottish dancing to fill the pauses between readings, and the whole evening was a treat. There were six authors taking part, and veryone read so well.

It started me thinking about what scene from Chance I’d choose to read to an audience. Any suggestions?