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Shattered Signing at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic

Shattered Book Signing at the Maritime Museum of the AtlanticAs I’ve said before, I belong to an absolutely awesome chapter of Romance Writers of America. A few weeks ago I had a chat with Tara MacDonald, one of our members who has a marketing background and an up-and-coming company called Charlie Mac Productions, about possible promotional ideas for Shattered. I was floored when, a few days later, Tara got back to me with the news that she wanted to use my book as a test case for her company and promote it for me. She lined up fellow RWAC member Shawna Romkey and Richard Black from Rich Graphics, and in less than two weeks they had a new website in the making, promotional materials created and a signing arranged at the perfect venue – the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic in downtown Halifax. All I had to do was show up.

This is the entrance to the Explosion Exhibit. Fellow RWAC member Julia Smith, a talented photographer as well as an author, snapped me surrounded by history. She took all the other photos here as well.

Fruit Wreath and Gingerbread CookiesWe had a lovely fruit wreath by Fruitful Expressions and gingerbread cookies from Sweet Smiles Pastry Cafe – which proved very popular with one guest in particular, who made off with an armful. One young guest told me that she liked eating gingerbread men, but didn’t like smelling them.

To each his own – I love the smell of gingerbread, and these were delicious.
The reading took place in the museum’s small craft gallery. Liam and Alice’s world felt very near as I talked about what life was like in wartime Halifax.

I chose to read the scene from Shattered where Liam and Alice dance for the first time, and Liam has his first encounter with Alice’s brother Carl. RWAC members Pat Thomas (my amazing editor) and Michelle Helliwell also came out in support. Here’s the whole crew after the reading. From left to right we have Tara, Michelle, Shawna, Me, Pat and Julia.

The image at the top is me signing copies by the museum gift shop.

I confess I’m an introvert. Even after years at the front of a classroom, speaking to an audience takes energy, but talking about the history behind Shattered and reading from the novel here, surrounded by graceful masts and sails and with the museum’s Explosion exhibit close by, was a joy. The Beatles said it best…there’s nothing like a little help from your friends.

The gang