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Small World

Here’s a small world story for you.

In an earlier post I mentioned my maternal grandfather, Fred Marsland, who died in a flying accident many years ago. Well, a couple of days ago I got an e-mail from a man who was doing research on Antarctic exploration. I knew Fred had travelled in his day, but had no idea he’d been to Antarctica. Apparently he had. This man googled Fred’s name, hit this site and contacted me.

He sent a sheet of facts, including Fred’s year and place of birth, the names of his parents, a brief bio and details of the accident in which he lost his life. He became a merchant seaman at fifteen and, a year or so later, sailed to Antarctica on an exploration vessel. He was a member of an old-fashioned flying circus when his accident occurred in September 1935.

I have a photo of Fred, taken at the same time as the portrait of Jennie I posted earlier. Now I have a glimpse of the colorful personality behind the face. I can only imagine the stories he could have told. Yes, it’s a very small world, in time as well as space. Thank you, John, for this priceless bit of family history.