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Switching Horses

Photo: The Tanks at Seicheprey, H.T. Dunn

Well, SHATTERED’s day as the featured book on ENT was a surprise. A very nice surprise, and it came at the psychological moment when I was ready to dive into writing again. Selling over two hundred copies of a book in two days will do that to you.

So, I’ve switched horses in mid-stride – again –  from my inspirational story back to Carl and Naomi’s story, Deliverance, the sequel to Shattered. The first draft is about half-finished, and I’m hoping, with applied effort, to finish it by the end of October. With revisions and editing, it’s looking like a January or February release.

I’m enjoying the characters in this one. My hero, Carl O’Neill, has to be one of the loneliest men on earth. He doesn’t know how to be emotionally close to anyone. He’s alienated himself from his family, and his friends have never been the most trustworthy types. Now he’s living under an assumed name in a place where he knows no one, because his recuperative leave from the Army is coming to an end and when it does, he’ll have to report for duty or be classed as a deserter. He can’t face the thought of being sent back overseas, but the alternative is a life under a dead man’s name. Perhaps not a bad alternative, if he hadn’t fallen for Naomi. When he was put off the train, a gravely ill stranger, she took him in and saved his life. Now he has to lie to her and her father, and to her best friends, who have offered him friendship as well.

Meanwhile Naomi is living a lie of her own. Those closest to her know she’s a rape victim, but no one, not even her father, knows that the rape left her pregnant and that she’s had an abortion. In her own way she’s as isolated as Carl, putting up a front for the world. The two of them are up a tree, and I have lots of stones to throw at them.

I’ll keep updating my progress here. I hop it won’t be too long before I have another book for you! Stay tuned.

One Comment

  1. Ann
    September 22, 2012 at 12:45 pm

    Congrats Jennie!!! That’s wonderful news. I’ve read the first two chapters of the new story and I cannot wait to read the rest. Good luck.