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The Garden Wakes

DSCF2282This past winter was the most severe I can recall here in Nova Scotia. We broke records for snowfall. Well into April, I was tramping around on snowshoes on the frozen local lake to exercise my dogs. I thought we’d have snow on the ground well into May.

I was wrong. We had a stretch of warm, sunny days and the snow literally vanished into thin air. Sublimation is a beautiful thing. Spring arrived, and my garden began to wake from its long sleep. It amazes me every year,but this year it seemed nothing short of a miracle.

As I’ve posted here before, I’m a very lazy gardener. I started out with great intentions when we moved into our house fifteen years ago, but life happens. I changed careers, no longer had summers off and decided that if I was going to enjoy the garden, I couldn’t be a slave to it. What we have now is a bit wild and jungly, but it takes care of itself for the most part. DSCF2390

Our lot is carved out of the woods, so we have lots of shade. Right now, forget-me-nots are running rampant under the trees in our back yard. They blend well with the bright yellow of our two obstreperous forsythia  bushes. Like almost everything else that grows on our property, they have a definite will of their own, defying any attempt to shape them, but oh, how good it was to see their colour this year!DSCF2391

I have a liking for tried and true plants, rather than the new and trendy. The trusty old standbys that can still be found in abandoned rural gardens are my favourites. Lilacs, peonies, geraniums, old-fashioned roses, all come and go in their proper order. Right now,¬† it’s time for the crab-apple and lilac in the front yard to flaunt their colours and heady perfume. DSCF2394Both are blooming more profusely than they have in years.

I’m a spring baby and it has always been my favourite season, but this year I’m reveling in the return of warmth and colour. I have no quarrel with winter, especially when it gives us crisp, sunny days and sparkling snow, but this year it overstayed its welcome. Welcome summer, and bring on the peonies and roses!