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They’re here!

My copies of McShannon’s Chance have arrived! Emily doesn’t care much – she just wants a lap to curl up on – but I do, lol!

Hubby picked up the cartons for me on Tuesday night. When I opened one and saw those lovely, pristine copies of my work, I just started giggling helplessly. Did a dance around the room, then cracked one open.

The quality is great. The paper is fine and much more polished looking than you see in most paperbacks. I’ve waited a long time for this moment, and it is definitely worth it.

I’m reminded of what Lucy Maud Montgomery wrote in her journal when her first copies of Anne of Green Gables arrived. “Not a great book, but my book.” I feel exactly that way. I wrote Chance out of the very best that was in me, and it’s very satisfying to hold the result in my hands.

Now, enough gloating – I have a second book to edit!